Brewery and the Beast 2018

Brewery and the Beast 2018

On Sunday July 29 we had the chance to go to the ‘Brewery and the Beast’ event here in Vancouver. Those who have gone to this event before know this is the ultimate Sunday food-beer mash-up. The food and beer were fantastic all over and we were very excited to be part it.
The concept behind this event, as mentioned on the Brewery and the Beast website, is to educate on the importance of becoming a conscientious consumer and support responsible local farmers and food producers by purchasing their harvest in restaurants, grocery stores, and markets. Juniper is proud to source as many ingredients as possible from local farms and producers. Executive Chef Warren Chow created the duck duck goose lollipops using duck from a Fraser Valley third-generation farm, Yarrow Meadows farm. The lollipops were very tasty and went well with the beer.

We are looking forward to next year!

Executive Chef Warren with a duck lollipop









Juniper Restaurant Vancouver Barrel









Juniper Restaurant Vancouver Staff at summer event







Brewery and the Beast Juniper Restaurant Team