What are the Types of Gins that I can Find at my Gin Bar?


It is obvious that bars and pubs in Vancouver can’t do without gins or beer. A gin bar is also known as a tonic bar. It is a low-key attempt at an open bar. Gin bars define class and elegance in homes; gin bars define royalties in lounges and pubs. Gin bars like Juniper Kitchen & Bar (located in Chinatown, Vancouver) offers different types of gins. It is obvious that gins and liquor are what make up a gin bar, so what is gin?

Gin is a category of liquor that is quite interesting and it is growing more diverse each year. Yet, there are several brands of gin that have become tried and true favorites. In today’s world, drinkers can enjoy the uniqueness of gin. Unlike vodka and whiskey, each bottle of gin is distinctive. The majority of gins feature some grade of the pine flavor. Pine flavor comes from Juniper Berries (every gin’s signature ingredient).


Enough of that, what are the types of gins you will find in a gin bar

1.    London Dry Gin

This is the most popular type of gin you will find at gin bars all over the world. Some people believe this is the only type of gin in the world. London Gins are very aromatic, extremely dry and heavily juniper flavored. London Dry Gin originated in England but produced all over the world. It is termed “dry gin” because it contains no artificial flavors—It is strictly botanical. London Dry gins consist of fresh citrus peels or dried peels, the citrus ingredient in the gin is what gives it a bright, citrus flavor. Adding lemon to your gin will bring out the citrus flavor better.

2.    Plymouth Gin

Plymouth Gin also originates from the United Kingdom but it is “drier” than the London Dry Gin. It contains more citrus elements ranging from lime, lemon squeeze then to orange squeeze. Plymouth Gin contains more roots and herbs; this kind of gin has an earthier and bitter flavor with softer juniper notes. Sadly, only one distillery in the U.K produces it. Plymouth Gin is a necessity for every gin bar


3.    Old Tom Gin

Old Tom gin is one of the pioneer gins dating back to the 17th century. It is richer and tastier in flavor than London Dry. Old Tom works better in mixed drinks and cocktails; it is the secret ingredient to every tasty cocktail. Its essence in gin bars cannot be overemphasized especially if you are a drinker.


4.    Dutch Gin

Dutch Gin is also known as Genever Gin. Dating back to the 16th century, this is the original brand of gins. It originates from Holland. Genever Gin is very different in color and taste to the other types of gins. It is made from a base of malt grains which gives it a darker color and flavor similar to the conventional whiskey. Mixologists and gin enthusiasts use it creatively in making amazing cocktails. As long as you want to have a standard gin bar, Dutch gin is an essential gin to your shelf.

These types of gins are mandatory for every gin bar and luckily, Juniper Kitchen & Bar offers them. Nothing is more relaxing than ending your day with a glass of Baller Negroni—a Juniper Signature gin. You can always drop by with your friends to explore the variety of gins Juniper has in stock for you.